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Summer Skateboard Camp

August 2-5, 2022
10am - 1pm
$100 per person
Ages 8 - 12
Hosted at Sooke Skatepark

Learn how to shred all of the gnar in this half day skate camp meant for beginner to novice skateboarders. The camp will be led by qualified instructor Carla Hyslop of BOLD Skate, and will include individual assessments; goal setting; and one-on-one instruction. Participants will learn their stance, basic foot placement, how to get moving, how to fall safely, how to control their boards, and maybe a few tricks too.

Helmets are mandatory and additional safety gear is recommended (we have some loaner gear if required).

Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to get shredding!

Hosted by Carla Hyslop of BOLD Skate in partnership with the EMCS Society/Youth for Sooke

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