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Tom Kral

Beyond catering, Tom delivers a diverse, west coast culinary experience: from personal wild-food workshops to intimate dinners in your own home, nourishment at a retreat, or crafting backyard family fare spreads.

Kral knows how to deliver the goods, bringing a mastery to ‘nomadic kitchen arts’, improvising and attuning as nature inspires, wherever the action is! This passion for the holistic, rustic, and delicious is what has led to his greatest self-made, at-your-service creation: “Nature’s Chef”. 

Wednesday May 8th 4-7 pm
$84 + GST
Location: Whiffin Spit, S
ooke BC
To register call:  250-642-6371
or email 

Exploring the mysterious world of seaweeds with your guide Nature’s Chef. Tom will introduce you to these most amazing specimens, the macro-algae that can offer an abundance of food, medicine, survival and first aid uses. Learn the 3 different classifications of seaweeds, including inter-tidal and kelp species. Where and when to harvest, ethical harvesting practices, drying and preparation techniques, and overall health benefits. You will learn how to introduce them to your diet and lifestyle. From play to spa days, this workshop has a whole lot to cover.   
*Foraged seaweed samples and snacks offered in the workshop.
Please bring:

  • Water and a snack

  • Appropriate clothing - this class is outside

  • A note pad and pen

  • Something to sit on 

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