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Seaweed from an Ayurvedic Approach

In Ayurvedic Medicine (3,000+ yrs old) we are believed to be:

1/3 what we eat; consume seaweed

1/3 what we put on our skin; apply seaweed topically 1/3 our thoughts; adopt principles of thought from seaweed properties

Instructor Jessica Almonte will share her journey with seaweed. Participants will leave knowing how to identify, harvest & prepare seaweed, enabling them to implement the three categories above into their daily lives in simple ways.


Workshop includes:

Introduction to seaweed, land acknowledgement, my journey with seaweed, what I am excited to learn more about, identification & ethical harvesting techniques. Participants get to touch fresh seaweed of multiple species in saltwater tanks, create and sample 3 easy ways to consume various species of seaweed everyday; miso broth, rice bowl & digestive “shot”. Participants make a simple fresh kelp serum and are sent home with a 15ml labeled bottle of it. Participants are led through a guided seaweed meditation and write down affirmations, put in a message bottle to keep.

May 25

2pm - 4pm



Register: 250-642-6371

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