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Tropical Leaves

Capture the flag

Join us on August 8th at 2:30 pm for one of your favorite schoolyard games on a mass scale! Anyone between the ages of 14 to 18 can join! there will be light refreshments after the games. Masks are recommended but not mandatory.  

Refreshments generously provided by funding from the District of Sooke


Rules of the Game

1. No contact. You cannot tackle, tagging is allowed to catch someone, but nothing extreme. 

2. If you are caught you must go to the designated jail. 

3. A team must have all three flags to win the game. 



This event will be held at John Phillips, the game will officially start at 3, But there will be a period of half an hour to organize teams and for people to show up. After the game, there will be refreshments to renourish you before you leave. You must fill out the waiver form. 

There will be staff members present to referee and restate the rules before the games. 

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