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Instructor: Tom Kral, Nature's Chef

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Spring Foraging Plant Walk

Join for a day of plant connection. Explore the abundance of wild-foods that spring time offers. From common weeds to budding trees, I’ll be sharing my favourite spring wild-foods with you, and how to introduce them to your diet, while greatly improving your micro-biome and strengthening our relationship to this earth.


What we'll cover;


•  What is out there to eat and not to eat

•  Medicinal plants 

•  Understanding plant families

•  Ethical harvesting practices

•  How to process efficiently

•  Preserving methods

•  Preparing wild-foods so they are delicious 


Learn what the plants can teach us, understand every plant communicates and has a purpose. As we remember how to tend the plants it can build resilient community. Plants have amazing capability to heal us, and make us thrive!


Content is focused for the Pacific Northwest but some can relate to anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

When: April 17, 4-7PM

Where: Participants meet at Seaparc Bike Park

Cost: $84 +GST per person 

Bring:  Appropriate outdoor wear, water bottle, and a note pad

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