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Youth Week Awards

In celebration of Youth Week (May 1st to 7th), the EMCS Society’s Youth Engagement Program asked Sooke residents to nominate youth who positively impact their community. The following award winners are being recognized for their passion, determination and accomplishments. These individuals affirm the diversity and importance of young people in our society.

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2018 Award Winners

Pictured: Environmental Stewardship Award Winners – Chloe Unger (left) and Finn Unger (right)

“Finn and Chloe give us all reasons to talk proud about Sooke’s next generation. They launched Project HOWL last year to raise awareness about wolves and the vital role this keystone species plays in maintaining ecological balance in the Sooke region. Their dedication, enthusiasm and love for nature is genuine and hugely inspiring for me and everyone they encounter — including the Sooke Talks audience that gave them a standing ovation earlier this year. I can’t wait to see what they get up to next.”


-Jeff Bateman, acquaintance

Pictured: Sports Award Winner – Levi Niblack


“I am proud of this youth because at the age of 20, Levi has taken a leadership role at Sooke Martial Arts as lead instructor. This is a challenging position, commanding dedication to the sport, hard work and flexibility in the simultaneous roles of teacher and student. Levi shares old and new skills, giving back to Sooke children and youth with enthusiasm and commitment.”


-Nicky Logins, Mentor

Pictured: Strength Award Winner – Jordyn Borsellino


“I am proud of this youth because one of the most difficult things for a person with autism to do is to interact socially both with peers and in the community in general. Jordyn has come so far in just a few short years. She has used her disability to open up to people and express herself artistically and is learning how to function in a world that isn’t always kind to people who think or act differently. She has amazing potential.”


-Julia Borsellino, Mother

Pictured: Inspiration Award Winner – Emma Hornsby


“I am proud of this youth because after watching how difficult it was for Emma to stand in front of the class and talk about her anxiety, I felt such pride in her accomplishment. I was so impressed that when it came time for me to choose a youth to speak at the first Sooke Talks event, Emma was my first choice. Watching her on stage, one year after that first deathly terrifying experience she had in the classroom, speaking to an audience about how they too can manage anxiety, was one of my greatest memory moments. Emma’s strength and inspiration should be recognized.”


-Tania Ehman, Toastmaster Instructor/Speaking Coach

Pictured: Leadership Award Winner – Ella Constandinou

“I am proud of this youth because she is a strong and independent young woman that sets an amazing example for her peers.”


-Tiffany White, Teacher

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