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Intro to Spanish for Travelers and All

This course will help you to get familiar with the language: pronunciation and intonation, some simple necessary vocabulary, day to day expressions and a sense of the Spanish Culture. 
It will give you a command of the language sufficient enough to convey a message, be understood, and comprehend the response, i.e. carry a basic conversation. 
We will do it in a fun interactive way using specifically designed materials, games, audio and songs.


6:30pm-8:30pm   Jan 17-Feb 21, 2019 




Beginners Spanish Level 1

Designed for students who have taken the Introduction to Spanish for Travellers and All!
This beginner’s course will provide instruction in everyday usage of the Spanish language.
The primary focus of the course will be the spoken language. Reading and writing in Spanish will be approached as tools to support the learning experience of communicating in the spoken language.


6:30pm-8:30pm  March 7-April 25, 2019


Instructor: Vivi Curutchet

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