Parent and Kids
    Making pizza from scratch
                 Sat Nov 5th
     11:00 am- 1:00 pm @ EMCS
                $55.00 + GST

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Please call the EMCS program office 250-642-6371 or email

Instructor: Ms. Nour Bahgat

A registered integrative health and nutrition coach. She has been teaching cooking classes for 12+ years and she was recently a top MasterChef Canada candidate making it to top cooks in the country. Nour enjoys teaching classes that are joyful, heartwarming, and most of all, that are healthy. She earned her Environmental Science degree from Trinity College, CT, and she was a professional squash player, ranked 2nd in the world junior ranking. With a background in environmental studies, sports, and nutrition, Nour sees the deep connection between food, health, and sustainability. She thrives on strengthening the connection of students with real food and healthy enjoyable eating. Through cooking, students not only learn about foods and different ways of preparing them but they also develop various life skills including organization, planning and time management.

Nour from Nature.PNG
Nour from Nature.PNG