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Yoga For Kids

Between school, sports, friends, clubs and all the other activities your little ones might be involved in, being a kid can be a busy and stressful time. Provide your little ones with some peace and relaxation to help them balance the active life they love. With your certified Kids Yoga Instructor, they'll learn yoga poses in a fun and playful way while developing methods calming their mind and bodies in their everyday life. Instructor: Alysa McIntosh

Yoga Classes

Weekly Monday's Jan 13- June 8


Location: Saseenos Elementary gym
Ages: 3-5 Time: 4-4:45pm

Ages: 6-10 Time: 5-5:45pm


Yoga Passes available at Program Office.
5 Class Punch Card: $35

10 Class Punch Card: $70

*Pre-Purchase necessary for class participation

*Expires after 5 months

*Class size is limited