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English Classes at EMCS

6218 Sooke Road Sooke, BC

8 week duration Cost: $40 = GST

To register:  call 250-642-6371 or email

Classes will be taught by qualified ESL teachers with many years of collective experience in Canada and internationally, and in collaboration with EMCS Society. 

To ensure correct placements, there will an assessment class on April 4th  from 7-9 pm.

Once assessed, class will start every Tuesday beginning Apr 11th - May 30th 7-9 pm.

Beginner ESL                
I can say a few words like hello, my name, the alphabet, some numbers
and the time.

Work Readiness                  

I can talk about daily routines and the past, read a short paragraph
and write about familiar things.

CELPIP Preparation         
I can read and write 2 or more paragraphs, express my ideas with 
supporting details and have reasonable control of grammar, spelling
and punctuation.


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